Information on Governmental Special Cash Assistance | 特別定額給付金について

As of April 28, Japan Government is planning to distribute 100,000 JPY cash aid to all the residents in Japan. The word “resident” here means those who have legitimate “residential registration”, Jyuminhyou (住民票) or Jyumintouroku (住民登録) in Japanese, to the city hall anywhere in Japan, regardless his/her nationality.

All foreign nationals, who resides in Japan with Residence Card (Zairyu card, Alien card) and with registration of his/her residential address to the city hall as of April 27, can also receive the aid.

Please note that the official announcement has been made from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, but the aid is on the assumption that the supplementary budget will be approved by the Diet on April 30th.
For the latest information in Japanese, you can reach Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and your local city hall website.

Starting in early May, it actually depends where you resides, but you will receive the written notification from the local government by postal.
There you can find the name of your household members. Fill the form with the bank account information where you want to have the cash to be wired, and then, send the form back to the city hall.
Also, there is a way to use My-number card to apply, but I think it requires you to use IC card reader. Please keep informed regarding on-line submission.
Hopefully the cash starts to be sent to your bank account in early May, but again, it’s up to the city you resides. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Again, make sure to check your local government’s website, too.
For the residents in Ichikawa-shi, you can download the forms without waiting for the postal notification.

Application form

Letter of Consent

For detailed procedures in Ichikawa, please ping me personally.

Also, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is warning that there may be a lot of “fraud” letter, email and phone call expected.
Please note that the postal from your city hall is basically the only communication from the government. No phone calls, no emails. If you receive any suspicious letters, just ping me the photo. I can take a look.

Now, not only the foreigners but most of Japanese nationals are facing difficulties.
100,000 yen may not be enough for everybody, but this is our determination that we Japanese nationals will repay the cost in the future for this cash aid, which should be equally distributed including our foreign neighbors.

Never waste your money, save as much as possible, and look for new jobs for your new life in Japan. It’s also good to buy a ticket to your country of origin.
Please feel free to ping me personally, if you need any assistance.


Thank you and God Bless,
With my warmest regards to you all,

Atty. Michiko Fujioka



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