Important Notice!
Today’s (7/20) lesson is rescheduled to 1:30 P.M., Sunday 7/21.
For those who show up without appointments, please note that the classroom is closed.

(Japanese follows English) TERAK

OYA KAMOME, a branch of TERAKOYA ICHIKAWA, is a tiny Nihongo class in Gyotoku area, targeting foreign residents and workers nearby.
Not only we provide basic and friendly Japanese lessons, but also we will help you resolve difficulties in everyday life, as well as giving appropriate advice for your visa and residential status issues.
Our lessons are provided in easy Japanese and a little bit of English.

To enrich your Nihongo experience and your life in Japan, come join us at TERAKOYA ICHIKAWA!

How can I join Nihongo lessons @TerakoyaKamome class?

One-coin lesson (Group lesson)
  • For 1 lesson, 500 yen.
  • You can bring whatever questions such as the contents of the prior lessons, language issue, documents you cannot read, troubles you are facing everyday life…, whatever. You can bring a book, documents or letters regarding which you want to ask. Just remember, all the lessons are group lesson, so do not bring something too private!
When you make an appointment, tell us;
  1. Which lesson you want to come? Specify date and time.
  2. Your name?
  3. Your nationality?
  4. How long have you been in Japan?
  5. Your Japanese skill? (Can speak and listen? Can read and write Hiragana?………..)
  6. If you have anything specific you want to learn, please tell us.
Location of Kamome class

Address:1-20-24-1F  Niihama, Ichikawa-shi (c/o Bumblebees Co., ltd.)

To make an appointment,

Phone:047-702-9622 (My office phone)

NEW!! ■Lesson schedule for July, 2019

●7/10(Wednesday)2:30 P.M.
●7/20(Saturday)1:30 P.M. → Rescheduled to 1:30 P.M., Sunday 7/21
●7/24(Wednesday)2:30 P.M.
●7/31(Saturday)1:30 P.M.

You can download whole brochure here! 
■To whom Kamome class is the most suitable?

At Kamome Class, we are mainly targeting those who can speak and listen Japanese to some extent, but still has difficulties in reading and writing. We also support those who want to take Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and those who want to pass the examination for Tokuteiginou VISA qualification.

Since Kamome class is operated by Gyoseishoshi Immigration Lawyer, Michiko Fujioka, you can ask anything about your Nyukan issue, not only your language study issue.



やさしい にほんごと えいごで かかれた あんないは こちらから!